A Family Saved a Dog tied to a Tree, and Christmas Tree suffered Damage


These days, the Internet is surrounded by cute videos from home security cameras filming real little dramas.

The family recently rescued a puppy from the street and brought him home to a hiding place, but the tree broke due to the dog’s curiosity.

stanley chase.Youtube

The authors of the video recently wrote that the poor dog was rescued – someone tied it to a tree and threw it in embarrassment, but, fortunately, there were good people. They named her Trina.

They brought Trine home and offered her a roof over her head and food, but a few days later she was a little depressed. He was awkwardly entangled in the light of the Christmas tree and then created chaos.

The entire incident was recorded on a surveillance camera, and today many people on the Internet laugh at Trina’s innocent mistake. See what happened next to the tree.