Bull Was Freed For The First Time


Reappearing on a video network created many years ago, the kind people from the charity Guth Eiderbichl rescued a poor bull.

He has been in chains all his life and has experienced a new birth through this organization.

YouTube/Gut Aiderbichl

The bull named Bandit spent his entire life in a small space in the barn where he was chained.Volunteers from the German charity Gut Eiderbichl came to the rescue because the owner did not treat him humanely.

He saved a helpless animal, and soon the robber bull showed vigor and joy. Years later, he was finally free, and in response, he pondered over many animal lovers around the world.

See how the bulls from Germany were thrilled when kind people rescued him from an unsuitable owner. This is further proof that bulls should live better and freer.