A Seven-Year-old boy Dedicated His Talent Show to His Military Father


Parents who spend eight hours a day at work know how to remember their little ones. Imagine how difficult it must be for parents who need to work abroad or be away from home for several months if you want to be a few kilometers from your children and pull the strings of your heart a little faster.

Men and women involved in ministry must endure this – the grief and pain that comes from a distance.
These faithful parents always have the opportunity to catch up with their loved ones, because incredible strength is needed to survive for months.

Morgan & Georgia-bell Labonte.Youtube

In fact, there are countless stories of how moms and dads have made unique surprises for their kids and even pets in this service. Whether it’s an art school interview, regular home evening, or a school curriculum, parents are always looking for ways to reconnect with their kids.

The trio, confidently walking towards the center of the stage, raised a sign that read: “Thanks to all our veterans and those who served.”
Then the shy little girl starts telling the audience how she wants to dedicate her number to her father. He hesitated a little and row, but friends helped him to convey the idea.

Morgan & Georgia-bell Labonte.Youtube

The three young actors, dressed in elegant black suits, began dancing from the Hall of Fame script as their backdrop. They followed the rhythm of the song, glided across the stage and danced. It was great to see the three girls in hip hop and street dance inspired moves.

They were cute and confident and they just rocked the costumes.

In just two minutes, viewers witnessed one incredible event after another. Firstly, the kindness of meeting girls, a wonderful exhibition of friendship before, after and after the show and, of course, a wonderful surprise made by a military father.

What could be better than a meeting between father and daughter?
We are happy to record all the moments on video! Even the audience could not resist how they expressed their emotions after the meeting.