After Several Months of Separation, The German Shepherd Screams with Joy at The Meeting with its Owner


A few years ago, a beautiful video appeared on YouTube, and a few months later, when the owner returned home, he recorded the reaction of the German Shepherd.

The joy of the dog lit up the day for many viewers, and to date, the video has been viewed by more than 15 million people.

Rumble Viral,Youtube

German Shepherd Freya finally waited for the day to see her owner again. He was absent for several months and did not see Freya.

Finally, one day it’s time for them to meet again. When Freya saw her master, she began to bark at him, and then the barking turned into heartfelt joy.

Freya was overjoyed to shout loudly when she met the owner, and the scenes in the video attracted many animal lovers to the network. Dogs are further proof that humans are best friends.