Female shoplifter capture on CCTV filling underwear with groceries


The woman was spotted by security staff at a shop in Krasnodar, southern Russia, who came across the bizarre scenes while browsing surveillance footage.

The brunette, wearing a tight-fitting grey dress, is first seen swiping a product off the shelf above the freezers.
She is then captured lifting up her dress and stuffing the item in the top of her knickers.

Another shopper is also seen wandering around the store but seems oblivious to the woman’s antics.

As he strolls past the woman she is again seen shoving products into her underwear this time from one of the fridges.
In total the woman is seen putting at least six objects inside her pants before the video finishes.

Rth Gjki,Youtube

The theft occurred at around 5.20pm on October 5.

Releasing the footage on social media, indignant security guards said: ‘Please make such subhumans public.

‘There are no words for this behaviour, only shame.
‘Normal people work, but why work if it is better to hide sausages and soap in your panties.’

Now social media has been flooded with comments from stunned viewers impressed with how she could hide so much without it being visible.

One posted: ‘Panties are like a ‘magic bag’ – they can hold everything!’

Police are now looking for the woman.