Baby Otter rolled on a Wooden Dock for a while, Squeaking as he tried to reach to His Mother


An amazing video about the otter puppy and his mother, which has already become a real hit, has appeared on the Internet.

To date, it has garnered about 1,800,000 views on YouTube alone, and the scenes in the clip have impressed many animal lovers.

The otter is one of the animals of the marten family, fully adapted to life in the water. They spend most of their time there, and their main prey is fish. When swimming, it helps with the help of a strong tail, which is half the total length of the otter.


Usually they are at night, but sometimes they go outside in broad daylight. Today, the network is surrounded by beautiful characters played by a red puppy and his mother.

The puppy was stuck on a wooden pole, under which his mother was waiting for him to jump into the water. As the baby’s skin fell into the water, the mother gently grabbed him and then hit him even harder. Undoubtedly, the picture will warm your heart.