The Musician Plays the Acoustic Version of The Song “La La Land” for Dog During Blizzard


Some people think that going to the fireplace to drink a cup of hot cocoa is the best way to spend a winter afternoon, but this person thinks differently. He brought along several cameras, an acoustic guitar, and a soothing maple show.

”La La Land” is a musical that came out in 2016 and quickly became popular. The main song “Star City” was the most popular among the audience. In this video, you can see a man named Trunch, tied up on a street during a blizzard.

AcousticTrench Via Youtube

With multiple camera angles throughout the video, we see Trench’s furry friend Maple right beside him. The musician has stated that the music brought him to tears and inspired him to learn the soundtrack on the guitar.

Even when there is a lot of snow, we begin to collect ditches and hear beautiful melodies. Since the owner continues to play. With nearly seven million views on Youtube, I’m sure you will see this video with his presentation.