The owner of the Store leaves an unpleasant Surprise, which can Bring to the theft of the thief from the cash register


Many of us know that you should not steal, but, unfortunately, people who think about theft walk step by step on our planet.

Last year’s video showed that some people cannot resist the temptation.

It circled the web again, and it provided a great lesson for the female thief from Brazil. As money disappeared from shop owner’s drawer every day, he had it enough so he made a trap.

Usedcar Man,Youtube

With the help of a cellphone, he secretly filmed a thief while stealing, but instead of money she got a painful lesson. The store owner installed a mouse trap in the drawer.

He filmed thief’s nasty act on camera and will use the video in the future as evidence in court. Look at how tricky woman was trying to steal cash from the cash register.

Source: Klipland