Husky Pup And Baby Are The Two Best Friends That Anyone Could Have


There’s a reason why they say dogs are a man’s best friend! Fortunately, that saying extends to children as well!

No example of this special bond is better than the playtime between this adorable little one and his giant Husky friend! The two are inseparable and love to play together.

But one of their playtimes caught the attention of Dad and he ran to grab the camera. We’re so thankful he did!

According to DogTime, Siberian Huskies are a wonderful family breed. Their mild temperament and willingness to accept everyone into the home makes them perfect for a growing family.

The breed was one that the Chukchi, a tribe of Siberian nomads, kept close for centuries. The Huskies would actually sleep with the children and provide them warmth and comfort during the frigid winter months.

That’s why it makes sense that this pup gets along so well with the baby! In addition to their calm demeanor, the huskies’ fluffy fur is unbelievably soft and fun for children to cuddle up next to.