Self Isolating Australian Family Creates Home Supermarket Experience to Help Grandmother 87 year old With Dementia


Jason van Genderen of Forresters Beach, Australia, decided to make a special move to surprise his grandmother. Because she has dementia, many things are much harder for her to explain, and she has not gone to the store herself for months.

Due to the pandemic, strict restrictions on movement are in place, and most of older people have difficult times these days.

Many have been separated from their families and friends for weeks, and they prefer to avoid shops, as recommended by experts.

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One day, she confided to him that she wanted to shop for herself, so Jason and his family prepared a memorable surprise that moved the grandmother to tears.

The store was set up right at home – the family turned into shop assistants for that time, and at the end of the video, the grandmother said it was the best experience for her. Another proof that happiness is in the small things!

Source: klipland