Little Boy Praying Boldly To God With His Classmates That is so sweet god bless them


There’s no doubt that children are a gift from God. And there is something truly special about a child’s prayer.

So, it’s no wonder a video of a little boy praying before his whole class

Toddler Praying Before Class Meal

In the video, it looks as though the class is preparing for either a snack or a meal. But first, they stop to thank their Heavenly Father.

One of the children is chosen to pray before the class eats. He stands with his hands clasped and his eyes closed tightly. And thankfully someone with a camera caught the precious moment of this little boy praying boldly to God!

“Father God,” he starts out. “We thank You for this food. We ask You to bless it. Make it nourishment to our bodies.”

While the sweet boy is praying before the class, he takes frequent pauses so that the teachers and other students can repeat the words of the blessing.

He goes on to say, “Bless all the boys and girls all over the world to receive food.”

The passion in the facial expressions of this boy leading prayer is just so touching. You can tell he is really putting his whole heart into thanking the Lord.

The precious toddler completes the prayer with, “In Jesus’ name.” And you can’t help but shout “Amen” with him and all the other children!

An individual named Gab Mime shared the powerful video online, saying “This may not be big to you…but our babies are Praying out to our God!”

And it didn’t take long before thousands of people were sharing and commenting on the post.

In fact, Julio Gonzalez, a national tax reform specialist, shared the video on Twitter, saying:

“God is Good! This little boy blessing everyone’s breakfast is the most amazing video you will see this year.”

There isn’t much information provided as to the school or where this took place. But seeing this little boy praying before class certainly gives us so much hope for the next generation.

Source: godupdates