Quarantined Italians Are Singing From Their Balconies Together To Send Love


Video footage surfaced of Italians singing and even playing various instruments from their balconies while the country was on lock-down. In the footage, we witness people of all ages proudly joining together in many different parts of the country.

Although they feel scared and uncertain, each person featured in the footage posted online appears completely focused on one thing and one thing only: connecting with others through music. Not a single person in the videos looks frightened, angry, or upset. It’s all good vibes!

And regardless of how they may feel inside, they sing and make music with such passion and love in their hearts. Some residents even clank pots and pans as a way to brighten up their community’s dampened spirits.

Global News,Youtube

Their way of connecting with the community proves that when people come together, they’re stronger than ever! Anyone watching the video footage could see that right away.

“After china we are the most affected country. Perhaps the good God has chosen us because in difficult moments we know how to get up. Because we can show the world the way to victory. Take the best from us and treasure it for difficult times. You can now see the beauty of our country in us and we offer it as an example for difficult moments. God save us and save the whole world,” one person wrote on the video.

Global News,Youtube

Another commenter would agree that the Italians are a great example of how to react during difficult events like this one.

“That’s so lovely! Everyone should stick together and stay optimistic when facing epidemic! Hope you can defeat disease soon,” they said.

The support is strong in Italy as they continue to stay quarantined as a country. As the virus continues to spread throughout other parts of the world, hopefully other countries, too, can remain as positive and as connected to one another as the Italians are.

Source: Metaspoon