Blind Dog Needs Help Finding His Way Back Home


There are times when animals offer friendship and compassion lessons better than the way we humans do it. Tervel the old farm dog and Pudditat, a stray cat will teach you one or two things about compassion and friendship. Tervel is not any normal dog, he is partially deaf and completely blind, but that does not affect Pudditat’s love towards him. Before the two met, Tervel could not leave his bed since he minded his safety. That’s now a story of the past since everything has suddenly changed.

Though love is something that knows no boundaries, it gets even better when those involved are front different species. From the look of things, Pudditat the cat knows Tervel’s condition and when you see the way he’s being walked around, you will understand what I’m talking about.

Have you ever witnessed such a sweet story before? Please take some time and let us know what it was about. What came into your mind when you watched these unlikely friends do what they did?