Marcelito Pomoy Sings “Beauty And The Beast” With Dual Voices On AGT


Marcelito Pomoy is an extremely talented singer from the Philippines, which he has proven already back in 2011. That year he appeared in the Filipinas Got Talent show, where he became the winner.

This year, he was invited to the show America’s Got Talent: The Champions, featuring only contestants who have reached great success in Got Talent shows around the globe.

The 35-year-old Filipino has a tremendous amount of talent as he can sing with both male and female voice. In the show AGT: The Champions, he impressed many with the song “The Prayer” on the auditions, and the enthusiasm wasn’t missing even at his second performance, when he sang the opera song “Con Te Partirò”.

America’s Got Talent.Youtube

This time he shone in the grand finale with his performance of the song “Beauty And The Beast” from the movie Beauty and the Beast. Strict judge Simon Cowell told him after the performance that he should take more risk.

Listen how 35-year-old Marcelito Pomoy from the Philippines sang the song from Beauty and the Beast movie with a male and female voice on the stage of AGT: The Champions.

Source:America’s Got Talent,Klipland