Passenger Takes Video Of Air Canada Plane Losing A Wheel As It Takes Off


A panic took place on board a Canadian plane of Air Canada Express during takeoff from Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

The plane lost its wheel immediately after take-off, and one of the passengers filmed the entire drama on camera.

A video of the incident from the plane with 49 passengers was soon uplaoded online. The plane was left without a wheel during takeoff, and the pilot immediately took action and turned the aircraft back toward the airport.

Plane Spotting Aviation

The video’s author sarcastically wrote under it: “I’m currently on a plane that just lost a wheel. 2020 starting off well.”

Fortunately, none of the passengers were injured during the unfortunate accident, and an airline spokesman explained that the pilot was able to maintain calm blood and control of the aircraft. At the same time, he said they had already opened an investigation for the unusual incident.

Source: KlipLand