Escaped Pig Chases Journalist During Live News Broadcast


A funny video comes from Greece, in which Greek journalist Lazos Mantikos tuned in during live broadcast.

There was talk of flooding affecting Greece, but shortly afterwards the journalist was disturbed by an uninvited guest!

The reporter just appeared in the evening news when he was attacked by escaped pig in front of the cameras. Instead of reporting, many viewers witnessed laughter – the journalist ran in circles in front of a domesticated pig and tried to escape.

On the first report, a journalist on the other side pointed out the inconvenience to the colleague: “Hi, we have a problem!”

On the other hand, the hosts in the studio could hardly contain laughter, and the video footage of the funny scene from Greece has reached almost 400,000 views to date. Look at the moment a Greek journalist was attacked by a pig!

Source: Klipaland