Toddler Falls Headfirst Out Of Crib And Nanny Cam Proves He’s Got A Guardian Angel


Having such an incredible curiosity paired with a surplus of energy, parents know that their child is capable of anything. It’s just a question of when and how adults have to act and do some damage control!

To a toddler, little toys and pieces of plastic can suddenly look delicious. To them, a pencil is meant to go up your nose, and climbing out of your crib to go find daddy is totally a good idea! Right?

In this shocking video, dad Nicholas is at home babysitting his 2-year-old son, Noah. Nicholas is in the living room when a quick look at the nanny camera shows Noah waking up. But, he’s not lying down, instead, he’s standing up and moving around. Just like any dad would, Nicholas started to make his way over to investigate what his naughty toddler was doing!

Dad walks into the room, expecting to calmly walk over to Noah and have a little chat with him, but things all of a sudden just became life or death. All of the terrifying drama is caught on camera, as Nick sees his young son climb out of his crib, headfirst, and fall. The boy is in midair when dad’s lightning quick reaction is to lunge forward, arms out, and rescue his son from crashing down on the floor, preventing what could have been a medical emergency that no parent can imagine. Dad literally saved the day, and caught Noah like a pro! It wasn’t even a sloppy save that impacted him in another way. The boy was caught in his father’s arms without any injury. Not a hair on the boy’s head was harmed!

Inside Edition got to catch up with Nick: “I have never made a rescue like that before and honestly, I don’t know if I ever want to make another like that again. I felt like it was pretty close when I caught him. I felt like he was inches away from the floor. After reviewing the video, it was way closer than we thought.”

Source: Metaspoon