Dog Embarrasses Owner Daily By Talking To Strangers


Six days ago, a cute video landed on the Web, instantly becoming an online hit.

It already has over 6.8 million views on the Youtube network, and all the attention has been stolen in the clip by a “talking” dog!

The owner of the dog named Sherpa posted a video on his Youtube channel days ago when Sherpa repeatedly embarrassed is owner through his actions. The dog has repeatedly howling in public in the company of people, and the owner was quickly embarrassed of such scenes.

People around the puppy have always taken his howling very positively, and comments on the video have also been positive. Many believe that Sherpa is a real sensation that delivers good will and positive energy at every step.

Check out a cute clip with a dog named Sherpa as he repeatedly embarrassed his owner with cute howling. Will the dog make your day better too?

Source: klipland