Stray Siberian Husky Recovers From Mange And Finds The Family Of Her Dreams


Although dogs are one of the most popular pets around the world, millions of them still roam the streets without a home to call their own. Without the loving, nurturing, and safe environment provided by an owner, homeless canines not only struggle to find sources of food and water, but they’re also prone to all sorts of diseases, including mange.

While homeless on the Sacramento streets, Sugar the Siberian husky certainly dealt with the previous struggles. Dealing with a serious case of mange and nearly to-the-bone thin, the husky was not in good shape, that is, until she was found and rescued by Front Street Animal Shelter in December of 2015.

“Sick, starving but finally safe,” said her rescuers shortly after they rescued her. “With all she has been through, we are amazed to see her kind and gentle demeanor with our staff.”

Not long after she was brought to the shelter, the staff gifted her with the name “Sugar” due to her sweet, gentle personality. Not surprisingly, the canine went to a foster home almost immediately right before Christmas.

In her temporary home, she met another dog named Piel, who was dealing with their own battle. Piel was in the middle of recovering from burn wounds, but nevertheless, became close friends with Sugar.

But unfortunately for Sugar, her journey to a healthier life was not an easy one. During her recovery from mange, she had an allergic reaction to the oral medication she was given. According to the shelter, she was suffering from “vertigo or another disorienting condition” as a side effect of the medication.

“She stands up in a rather tipsy fashion to let her foster parents know she wants to go to the bathroom and is loving all the blankets and the warm heater that is always close by.”

Source: KlipLand