Snowplow Driver Ruins Man’s Hard Day Of Shoveling


When it snows in the winter, there is nothing left for us to do beside clearing the roads and sidewalks next to our home.

The man in the video also opted for such move, but soon after witnessed a scene where he angrily threw a shovel to the ground.

Three days ago, Jeff Jolley posted a video from a surveillance camera on his Youtube channel that made many laughs across the globe. Jeff first took a snow shovel in his hands and set about clearing the sidewalk and path to his house, but his work was soon forgotten.

A truck driver who was plowing snow along the side of the road ruined his day!

All the effort he put into cleaning the sidewalk was gone in seconds this time, and the entire occasion was captured by a surveillance camera. We express our condolences to Jeff at that unfortunate scene!

Source: Klipland