Woman And Her Dog Put On Dazzling Freestyle Dance In Front Of An Audience


t’s incredible how we’re able to train dogs to perform various tricks. Classic tricks and commands involve teaching our canines to sit, heel, roll over, fetch, shake our hand, and speak. Although many of the things we train our dogs to do are done to ensure they respect us and act appropriately, sometimes the things we teach them are done for our convenience. For example, some people like to teach their dog to go out and get the newspaper every morning or bring them the television remote.

In Sandra Roth’s case, she decided to teach her beloved border collie, Lizzy, how to dance with her. While training a dog to move on command is tough enough, Roth took on the challenge and decided to go as far as to teach Lizzy to memorize an entire dance routine that they’d be doing in front of an audience!

After hours of coming up with choreography, teaching the dance to Lizzy, and practicing the routine together, Roth officially entered The Open European Championships in the category, Heelwork to Music and Freestyle.

Sandra Roth,Youtube

Roth appears in the arena with a thin, white dress, white leggings, and a unicorn horn. Then as the piano version of “The Last Unicorn” begins to play, Roth and Lizzy start mirroring one another’s moves from several feet away while Lizzy’s back is facing her owner. Incredible!

A bit later into the routine, Roth starts to kick her leg up while her energetic collie jumps over it and occasionally runs between her legs. Some parts of the routine at this point get a little fast, but it’s nothing too much for Lizzy to handle.

From the performance, it’s also apparent that Roth has put a lot of hard work into training Lizzy how to spin, run backward, do sideways steps, raise her feet in specific ways, and perform a wide variety of other moves that most dogs normally don’t do. Dogs really can dance!

So many people were honored to be able to watch the beautiful performance put on by the woman and her graceful pup.

“An absolutely gorgeous performance; it brought tears to my eyes. The bond you and Lizzy share is without words. Thank you for sharing,” one person shares.

Source: metaspoon