Professional Violinist Plays Mozart For Abused Shelter Dogs


Professional violinist Martin Agee, who has performed in the most famous halls around the world, impressed many with his emotional move.

Every time he has some spare time, he visits a shelter for abused puppies, and there he inspires animals to play classical music on the violin.

According to experts, such music is said to have a very beneficial effect on animals. When Martin, 30, learned this, he immediately offered his help to the local shelter.

He also decided for such action after a tragic ordeal when his puppy, Melody, cross the Rainbow Bridge.

The animals housed at the ASPCA shelter in which Martin plays are mostly abused animals that have never had loving owners.

Martin also acknowledged to the media that playing at the shelter is very calming to him, as he is repeatedly stressed because of his busy schedule and numerous public performances. A hat down for such a move by a professional violinist who showed immense sympathy for the animals at the shelter!

Source: KlipLand