Chinese Farmer And His 70,000 Chickens Become Online Celebrities


Maosheng Village, in the northeast of China’s Heilongjiang Province, is home to 40-year-old farmer Sang Qingjun, who quickly became famous online.

He has posted videos of his chicken farm several times, and has impressed many users around the world with the fact that his chickens are always free to move!

New China TV, Youtube

Thanks to the scenes that Sang Qingjun filmed with his mobile phone, he even set up an online shop for his chickens, and orders come from all over the country. Many have been convinced by the scenes showing the chickens are perfectly healthy.

Today, Sang Qingjun cares for about 70,000 chickens that he has raised all alone.

His business is going well, and he wants at least 300,000 chickens to live on his farm by next year. Praiseworthy attitude with such care for animals!

Source: Klipland