Dog Refuses To Eat His Food Unless It Is Microwaved


In actuality, it’s all for show. His human simply puts the kibble into the microwave and turns it on for 3 seconds. As soon as it comes out of the microwave, Dunkin is ready to dig in!

Since sharing the video many people have shared their own stories of their dog’s eating habits.

“I used to do this for my dog, too. (Passed away from old age.) She would practically squeal from anticipation if I prepared it with a little theatrics – I carefully stirred it, set it on top of the glass-topped stove to stir it more, sometimes pretending to shake on some spice from a spice jar,” writes orangerobotgal. “She saw me cook ‘like that’ for my hubby and kids, so she probably thought I was likewise fussing over her food.”

Does your dog have a quirky eating habit?

Watch the adorable clip of Dunkin below.

Source: reshareworthy