Waking A Sleeping Rabbit By Surrounding Him With Carrots


A special video landed on the Youtube network in October, in which the attention was stolen by sleeping rabbit Pipkin.

His owner says that bunnies always dream of food while sleeping – which is why he has prepared a special surprise for the rabbit that has impressed many animal lovers online.

When the tired rabbit fell asleep on the ground, the owner put many carrots around him. When this mini project was completed, he awakened the rabbit with the help of the last carrot, and then recorded the reaction on camera.

The rabbit Pipkin woke up instantly, then without a pause, went for a delicious carrot. The video has reached almost half a million views to date on the Youtube network!

And what is most likable comment unter the clip? Someone wrote that the poor rabbit probably thought he died and went to heaven.

Source: KlipLand