Clever Great Dane Knows Exactly What To Do When It’s Bath Time


Great Dane is a breed of dog known primarily for its size. It is considered one of the largest breeds in the world and currently holds the record in size.

Some call them gentle giants, because despite their size, the breed is timid and very gentle.

These days, the Web has been surrounded by a video of a Great Dane dog, who stole all the attention whenhis owner asked him a question.

“What day is it today? Is it Sunday? Is it bath time?” the owner first asked teh dog in the video. Since he was bathing him every Sunday, the dog knew immediately what he needed to do.

Without hesitation, he walked slowly and carefully to the bathroom, crawled into the tub there, taking over many dog lovers with his actions. See what a cute scene his owner captured on camera!

Source: KlipLand