Dad Partakes In Silly Daddy-Daughter Dance Choreographed By His 12-Year-Old Daughter


It’s no wonder why they say a girl’s father is their “first love.” A dad is usually the first male to tell his daughter that she’s beautiful. Additionally, a father, directly and indirectly, teaches their daughter what to look for in a man: someone who is caring, supportive, and respectful. It’s also said that a solid father-daughter relationship positively benefits a girl’s confidence. There’s truly nothing like the bond a girl has with her father.

12-year-old Austynn Samarco is one girl who has a strong bond with her father, Joshua. In fact, the girl decided one day that she wanted to come up with choreography to the song “Classic” by MKTO for her and her daddy to dance to together! While it’s not your usual choice of song for a daddy-daughter dance, Austynn was confident that she could make it work.

After the tween came up with choreography and taught Dad all the moves, the pair decided to film their routine and eventually post it on the Internet just for kicks. However, little did they know their video would rack up over 990,000 views!

At the beginning of their dance, Austynn, and her father perform quite traditional daddy-daughter dance moves like your usual twists and turns. However, the further the two get into the routine, the more eclectic their dance becomes – step-claps, hip-hop moves, a handspring, and even the splits.

The absolute best part of the dance is when both dad and daughter start twerking. Let’s just say the father doesn’t quite have the moves for this style of dance, but hey, at least he gave it a shot!

Judging by Dad’s style of clothing, he probably isn’t into energetic pop songs like MKTO’s “Classic,” let alone, interested in dancing in a manner to keep up with the faster beats. However, what matters most is that he did it to make Austynn happy. Now, that’s love!

It’s apparent from the daddy-daughter dance that Dad had some trouble keeping up with his zestful daughter. While he struggles a bit, Austynn’s got fast feet, great flexibility, a variant interest in choreography, and a clear passion for dance. Regardless of their apparent differences, the two put on a great show!

Source: metaspoon