10-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show From Helene Fischer In “You Raise Me Up” Duet


Too often, we correlate age with achievement. We tend to think that someone older with more years of experience in a field will automatically be better than someone younger with less experience in that same field. While this isn’t always true, this can be in many cases.

In a “You Raise Me Up” duet performed in Germany featuring 10-year-old, Hong Kong-born Celine Tam and pop singer Helene Fischer, it’s clear that age and length of experience really are just numbers. While Helene is two decades older than Celine and surely has had more years of singing practice and training, both of their proficiency in singing is exceptional!

Helene has an incredible voice, but she’s humble enough to admit that her duet partner has comparable talent.

“We are looking for young people every year for this show. We are looking for young talents around the world. And I can tell you one thing: this year we landed a real hit. I would now like to introduce you to a sugar-sweet girl. She is 10 years old and came directly from Hong Kong to us in Germany. I welcome to the stage: Celine Tam,” Helene says.

Helene Fischer, dressed in a white jumpsuit, then starts off the duet. The audience is quiet as they carefully listen to the sweet and angelic sound of Helene’s voice. Celine smiles and slowly bats her eyes at how peaceful and beautiful her singing partner’s voice is.

However, the instant Celine starts to sing, people in the audience are completely blown away. People cheer, and mouths drop wide open. Some members of the audience are already in tears long before the duet comes to a close.

Even Helene, who’s literally feet away from her on stage, is enjoying the performance of her duet partner as she clutches her microphone closely to her heart while smiling in pure amazement.

Once the duo comes to the final chorus, singing in unison, the audience stands on their feet to give both Helene and Celine a respectful standing ovation.

Vocals aside, what made this duet so beautiful is the fact that both Celine and Helene are highly supportive of one another and don’t feel the need to outshine one another. Before the performance, the 10-year-old blows a kiss at Helene to show her love. The two even hold hands a few times during the performance.

Source: metaspoon