Newlyweds Practice “Dirty Dancing” Routine That Has Wedding Guests On Their Feet


There’s something about movies from the 80s. They have this undeniable charm and sort of glamour that just sticks! Maybe because that decade was a time before every book became a movie (seems like that’s been happening a lot more these days!), or there was much less technology. But, for whatever reason, films like “Footloose,” “Grease” and “Sleepless in Seattle” have such lasting power! And of course, how could I forget, definitely one of my favorites, “Dirty Dancing?!”

I’m one of the many who loves this classic flick. I can rattle off the words of most scenes and know the lyrics of the song off the top of my head! Clearly, I’m not the only fan because newlyweds Stephanie and Jeremiah had a really novel idea when it came to their first dance. Paying tribute to a film that’s near and dear to their hearts, they just pulled off one heck of a show!

The first dance is traditionally a couple’s introduction as husband and wife. It’s their moment to show the world they’re in love and finally married! But, Stephanie and Jeremiah wanted to up their game a little bit. They decided to take on the song from “Dirty Dancing,” “I’ve Had the Time of my Life,” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. And, if you’ve seen the movie, you know the kind of practice this routine requires!

But, that didn’t scare this happy couple! They gladly took on the challenge and succeeded with flying colors. The moment the instantly-recognizable song comes on, everyone clues into what the couple has in store. The crowd “oohs” and “ahhs,” clapping and cheering them on as they take their positions and perform the well-loved routine! And, they have it down pat! From the twists and turns to the footwork, they whip through with ease! Even the outfits are very similar to the ones worn in the movie. And, that famous big lift? She takes a deep breath and runs in perfect motion for him to grab her and lift — they wow the crowd with the final pose that they worked so hard to get. They nailed it!

Source: metaspoon