Determined Doggy ‘Argues’ With Owner After His Park Is Closed For the Day


We see Walter at first, grumbling in his own way, then as his owner confronts his pouting he does a purposeful crescendo and begins yapping even louder! At one point he seems to let out a little roar amongst his quips. What a funny little pup!

Many of us at some point have had these very same feelings, but not all of us are quick to speak our minds like Walter. Ever had your morning plans interrupted by circumstances beyond your control? Ever felt so disappointed and determined to continue those plans, you may have thrown a little fit regardless of who heard you? Yes, Walter Geoffrey, we hear you and admire your little roar in the middle of your rant!

Unfortunately, for the Frenchie, his ranting lead to some disciplinary correction from his owner resulting in a guilty looking bulldog. No matter how far our plans may go off course, there are just some things we can’t control.

Sure, we sometimes need to vent in the car but don’t let our disappointment get the better of us. Tomorrow is another day and perhaps then, the park will be open.

Source: Godtube