Russian Chick Sees Dog’s Poop, Delivers Instant Justice To Female Dog Owner


These days, the web is again surrounded by a video from Russia, in which we can see a real comedy.

One of the girls noticed from a distance how the driver was walking down the sidewalk with her puppy to take an urgent need, then sat back in her vehicle.

That is why the Russian woman took the camera in her arms, walked to the puppy owner’s vehicle and first verbally told her that the dog’s poop needed to be picked up.

The driver did not change her allegations, and an argument quickly broke out between them. That is why the author of the video was determined to give the driver a lesson she will remember for all eternity.

She picked up dog’s poop shortly afterwards with a handkerchief, then threw it right in the dog’s owner’s vehicle. Fast escape and laughter followed, and scenes quickly circulated around the web …

Source: klipland