Dog Sees Bird Trapped On The Porch, Gently Catches And Releases It


ogs are one of the friendliest creatures in the world, as evidenced by the video clip that went viral on the web these days. Whenever anyone needs help, dogs always help.

If they think they can help, they jump right into the action!

This was also the case in the video recorded on camera by Jennifer, the owner of the dog. The unlucky little bird got trapped in the enclosure next to the house with the dog inside.

The owner filmed a scene shortly afterwards that would have left many horrified. The dog attacked the bird at first glance, but this was not really the case.

He just wanted to save the trapped bird – and he was more than successful! He gently grabbed the bird, then carried it out of the enclosure, where he released it to freedom. The owner wrote under the video that this was not the first time the dog had helped a bird. Well done doggo!

Source: klipland.