This 11-Year-Old “Best Man” Roasts His Uncle With Hilarious Wedding Speech


These days, the Web has once again been surrounded by video footage from three years ago, in which all attention at a wedding was stolen by an 11-year-old R.J.

There he had the honor of being groom’s best man – his uncle named Bill. Already when he began his speech, there was a lot of laughter among the guests at the wedding!

“Hello, my name is R.J., I’m Bill’s nephew,” the 11-year-old began the wedding speech, then added, “Bill, we go back a long time – 11 years, pretty much my whole life.”

Shortly afterwards, he embarrassed his uncle a little, saying that every time he visited him, he came with a new girlfriend. And he always asked R.J. for advice!

“When Marry came, she was different. She was normal,” said a sympathetic young man shortly after.

And how did the young man end his speech as a best man at his uncle’s wedding?

“I’ll leave you with the last thought … Bill, don’t ask me for advice anymore, I’m 11 years old!”

Source: klipland