Worker Shows His Awesome Way How To Protect Yourself From The Sun


Surely we all agree that outdoor work in the heat is a nightmare. The worker in a video clip down below definitely agrees with this. During the past heat wave, he has provided unique protection from the sun.

A scene has surfaced on the web where we can see a man who protected himself from the burning sun with a big sunshade. But he did not just put it in place – he stuck the giant umbrella’s stick for his belt, so he had the shadow consequently at every turn

The video immediately became a hit on Facebook: in just over a week, it has accumulated an already overwhelming 18 million views, with scenes shared by more than 380,000 Facebook social network users.

Look at the video, where there is no lack of the ingenuity! Well, maybe you will also get an idea how to protect yourself from the burning sun…

Source: klipland