Herd Of Wild Elephants Makes Annual Trip To Lodge For One Purpose Only


Why do you take a vacation? To de-stress, to see the wonderful things that the world outside of your own world has to offer, or simply just to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine? There is no right answer, for all I know, you could answer “all of the above,” but it’s safe to say that everyone feels the need to take a getaway when they think their life is getting routined. Right? I think so.

Speaking of routines, there’s an interesting routine that a herd of elephants have in Zambia. For everyone who visits Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia, and if they’re lucky to witness this in person, they’ll see that a herd of elephants make their way from the entrance, through the lobby, and into the back area of the lodge. But, there’s a catch, it only happens once a year. Now, everyone might be wondering about the reason behind this journey. So, let’s get into it.

The elephants come when the mangoes at the lodge are ripe, they know that they’re ready to be eaten and they make that trip to take their share. It’s great how the elephants feel that they can trust the humans at the lodge to just leave them alone and to allow them to go about their business. In the video below, you can see how relaxed the giant animals really are around the company of their human counterparts; they’re lazing around and sleeping on the grounds, knowing that they’re in safe hands and no one will harm them.

This herd, always led by the maternal figure Wonky Tusk, comes in and serves itself and minds its own business. Once they’re full with the mangoes, they enjoy the grounds of the lodge for a little bit and off they go.

Do you want to see this phenomenon unfold? If so, click on the video below and watch how the herd of elephants makes themselves welcome at the Mfuwe Lodge. Now, I’d love to have guests like these at my place. What’s your take?

Source: metaspoon