A Flight Gets Delayed When A Man Climbs Onto The Plane’s Wing To Hitch A Free Ride


These days, a video clip came on the web captured in Lagos, Nigeria. Before the take-off, many passengers experienced the drama – on the wing of the Azman Air 737 airplane, a man who wanted to get a “free ride” climbed up.

Plans did not work out for him as the local authorities arrested the man soon after the incident!

A flight from Lagos, Nigeria, had to be delayed on Friday, when the passengers immediately noticed a man climbing on the wing. Before that, he even hid his luggage in one of the engines of the aircraft.

The passengers promptly alerted the crew on the plane, and everything was captured on the camera. In teh video we can see a part of an unwise clever venture.

Police officers soon arrested the man and, with all probability, even saved his life. At a height of about 10 kilometers (33,000 ft) at which passenger airplanes fly, the outdoor temperature can be as low as -72°C (-97.6°F) under normal conditions.

Source: klipland