Veteran Chases Dreams With Surprising Performance On AGT


Robert Finley, a blind 65-year Vietnam War veteran, also appeared on the America’s Got Talent show. He showed his talent for singing at the audition, and with his performance he excited all the judges and many present in the hall!

Robert explained that he lost his sight due to glaucoma.

“Music was always a passion of mine, so I’d say I had to lose my physical sight so that I could see my true destiny,” he told the judges before the start of his performance.

On the stage of America’s Got Talent, he introduced himself with his original song “Get It While You Can”, and he inspired many present in the hall as well as many music lovers around the world!

Take a look at the remarkable performance of 65-year-old Vietnam War veteran Robert Finley, who stole all his attention and became a star online! Will he impress you too with his singing skills?

Source: klipland