Incredible Footage Shows Humpback Whale Jump Out Of The Sea Next To Fishing Boat


Breath-taking scenes are coming in which a humpback whale can be seen. In the Monterey Bay, a rare scene was shot on the camera by Kate Cummings, who has been studying whales for years.

Photographs taken by 60-year-old Douglas Croft have also land online.

From Canada,In a video taken by Kate Cummings, a giant humpback whale can be seen when he made a jump out of the water just behind a small fishing boat. The fisherman aboard the boat was also left speechless.

Douglas Croft, Caters

Author of the humback whale photos Douglas Croft said: “It was quite exciting! Salmon season coincides with the time when humpbacks are returning to Monterey Bay to feed for the summer and there were hundreds of boats on the bay fishing.”

Kate Cummings, who shot the entire scene in a video, said that humback whale has jumped out of the water several times before, but was far away from the fishing boat. See what kind of scenes were witnessed these days at sea in the Monterey Bay in Canada!

Source: klipland