Tiny Girl Wants To Calm Giant Horse When Horse’s Response Has Mom Running For The Camera

Parents often say to their children not to touch larger animals. The fear is that such an animal would injure their children due to unpredictable moments.

The video before you shows us that there is an exception for each rule. Of course, you have already noticed that children go very well along with large animals.

Many experts are convinced that animals are behaving differently to children because they feel that they do not have any bad intentions. This was also felt by a horse in a video who made a special bond with a little girl.

Together with her mother, a little girl named Lilly visited the horse in Texas, and her mother captured a really cute scene on the camera.

The girl was constantly hugging the horse, and all the attention was stolen by a horse who responded to the pampering by touching her with his nose. From soft touches and warm hugs to sweet little kisses planted on the horse’s face, this adorable little girl’s love is just the inspiration we need to find joy in the simplest things.

Source: klipland