Incredible Moment Boy Catches Toddler Who Fell From Second Floor


Surely every one of us knows the phrase that someone is in the right place at the right time.

That is how these days was also in Turkey, when thanks to a 17-year-old teenager’s action, he became a hero overnight.

17-year-old teenager Feuzi Zabaat was working in the Turkish city of Istanbul, when he noticed that a small girl was sitting on the window shelf on the second floor. He became worried and his concern soon became reality!

The little girl fell from window shelf, and the young man quickly ran under the window and caught her just moments before she would fell to the ground. Little Dora – this is the name of a girl – took the accident without any injuries. All thanks to the brave teenager!

The incident occurred after her mother was in the kitchen preparing lunch. Turkish media report that parents of teenage girl have rewarded the saviour with money.

Source: klipland