Mother finds two-year-old daughter in tears, she can’t believe her ears as to why


This is the adorable moment a two-year-old cries for Jesus Christ and says, “Jesus loves me” and “I want Jesus to come.”

Ella Grace, an adorable two-year-old was in tears, when Emily Bannard, her mother, walked into the room where her crying daughter was. When Emily asked why she was crying, though, she couldn’t believe her child’s answer.

“Why are you crying?” Emily asks her toddler.

Before responding, the little girl looks back and forth, and then said “Jesus.”

“What about Jesus?” Emily asks.

Apparently wanting to have a longer conversation with her mother on the topic, Ella says, “Mommy, lay down.”

Emily obliges and again asks her why she’s crying.

Ella Grace, still crying, says, “‘Cause Jesus … Jesus loves me.”

Emily laughs a bit and asks her daughter again, “So why are you crying?”

“I want Jesus to come,” Ella Grace replies as she turns her head to the side, still crying.

It turned out that little Ella was so overcome by the love of Jesus for her that she couldn’t restrain her emotions.

“Ella is always talking about her love for Jesus, it really is so sweet and makes my heart so happy,” Emily said.

“She started praying when she was just one,” recalled Emily, “she saw a little boy at the park who was crying and she wanted to pray for him. She still continues to pray for him to this day, it’s adorable.”

“She finds crosses in anything and everything and loves to sing songs about [Jesus],” Emily added.

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