Dog Tied To Tree & Abandoned In Thunderstorm, Then Woman Comes To Rescue


Our pets are truly members of our family. We feed them, enjoy activities with them, take photos of them to capture the memories, and generally care for them as if they’re our children. Because we love and care for our pets so much, we would be completely heartbroken if someone or something hurt them. That said, we do everything in our power to keep them safe and sound.

But it’s not just our pets that we feel the need to protect. We also feel like it is our duty to protect other people’s pets, even if they are not under our care. Animals in general are very near and dear to many of our hearts, and we tend to act like Superman or Superwoman, coming to their rescue whenever they need us.

We witness the latter in a viral video clip of a woman saving her neighbor’s dog, who was tied to a tree during a thunderstorm in Denver, Colorado. To date, the 2015 video has earned over 45,000 views. The footage was shot by another neighbor, Casey Boatman, who caught the other neighbor in the act when he was shutting his front window.

In the video, we witness the poor canine standing directly under the tree in an attempt to stay as dry as possible as the rain comes pouring down. One can’t help but feel bad for him!

Quickly coming to his rescue, a woman runs out in a tank top and shorts. At first, the woman is unable to break the dog free from the tree. She runs back to her home, grabs a knife or pair of scissors, and then snips him free from the tree, running with the dog back to her place until the storm died down.

What a good Samaritan! She genuinely cared for her neighbor’s dog just as she would care for her own. We need more people like her in the world!

Although many commenters on the video are upset that the owner of the dog was neglectful or abusive, we don’t know the whole backstory. The dog’s owner could have been away from home at the time, on vacation, or even sleeping. What matters in this video is that the canine was graciously saved by someone who cared for his wellbeing, despite the dog not even being hers.

To see the footage of the woman saving the dog, watch the video below. When you’re finished watching, share the clip with your animal-loving family and friends!