4-Year-Old Blind Boy Steps Off The Curb For The First Time By Himself


On the web, a beautiful video came to the web, which was captured by the parents of blind Gavin on the camera.

On that same day, a four-year-old boy stepped off the curb for the first time, and the enthusiasm was not lacking in the aforementioned scene.

Gavin, who has been completely blind, stepped off the sidewalk with the help of the cane for the first time, taking over many on the web with his courage and words.

“I can do it,” said 4-year-old Gavin in the footage, and then succeeded at challenge, while he was directed by the mother’s voice!

Now, according to the parents, little Gavin has been using the cane for years. He also enrolled in the Academy of Music for the Blind in Los Angeles, where he is one of the youngest students.

Source: klipland