Amazing puzzle for you! Thousands of people have tried


Puzzles are fantastic, and we have a challenging one for you today. Can you find the correct pattern and provide the answer to this math problem in a short time?

1, 2, 6, 24,120, ?

What do you think should be after 120?

Solving puzzles is an effective and efficient way to exercise your brain. The brain, like all other parts of the body, needs exercise.

Puzzles aren’t tough; you just need concentration and practice.

In order to get a puzzle right, you have to take a deep breath, focus on the puzzle at hand and give it a shot. Try to think of the different ways it might be able to be solved.

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You might be wondering, why should I solve this problem? Apart from exercising your brain, they have other various advantages. Some of which include;

1. improving your coordination skills;

2. Boosting your memory;

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3. Increasing your IQ;

4. Delaying dementia.

Now that we’ve told you the advantages of solving puzzles and practicing them, why don’t you give the one above a try? What answer did you come up with? 240? 360?

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Are you still struggling with it? Let’s help you out! The answer is 720!

How did we come up with 720? This is the solution

1×2 =2





For this problem, it’s all about finding the right pattern! Did you get it? If you did, good job!

However, if you didn’t, not to worry, there are various puzzles for you. You just need to keep practicing, and you will get better in no time.

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