Adorable Pit Bull Has Most Amazing Friendship With Girl Who’s Blind & Deaf. Heartwarming.


It’s not always easy to stick by someone’s side when they are waving the white flag of surrender to life. Many have hard and horrible situations whether it be home life, medical, or mental conditions that limit them from experiencing the world in the same way everyone else does. That’s not to say they are better- it’s just different. Different is not bad or good, it’s just not the same. It’s important to understand this, whether it come to opinions people may have or friendships we may participate in. If you look at situations or people who don’t need pity, you’ll find they need understanding. Very, VERY different. It’s something that they deal with, it’s something that affects them daily, and it’s the only way they have lived their life. To look down on them for that, is not okay. However, to be conscious of this is not always easy.

When it comes to one pit bull’s relationship with a human girl, I know I was just flabbergasted. The love that is visible between the two is overwhelming, it brought me to tears. I loved every minute of their story. It’s not always easy to rely on an external source for senses. When it comes to the present, we find ourselves relying more and more on technology towards a sense of direction, and medically, the advancements we have made to aid those with hearing, seeing, or physical changes are amazing. However, just as you can’t perfectly replicate Grandma’s cookies, the bond between these two is something that is special.

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