Infinite Tucker Does Crazy Superman Dive To Win The Gold!- Mens 400m Hurdle


The American student runner Infinite Tucker made a real sensation on the previous 400 meters hurdle run.

At the youth athletic championship, he almost lost control over his body in the last meters, then literally flew through the finish line in the style of the Superman hero!

Infinite Tucker became the winner of the 400m hurdle run after beating his teammate Robert Grant in an ingenious way. When it all seemed that Tucker won the gold medal, he lost his balance in the last few meters but then saved himself just before the finish line with unexpected move.

He flew through the finish line in the style of Superman, thereby successfully defeating teammate Robert Grant.

His venture is already a real sensation online! After the competition, Tucker said: “My jump? Honestly speaking… I do not know, I just wanted to give my best, and I felt that I had to dive through the finish line and use my whole body.”