Boost your brain power with a tricky riddle: How many trees are there along the street?


One reason why riddles can be challenging is that they require you to think and come up with the answer as quickly as possible. Can you do the same for this one?

For some math riddles, you’re expected to be very analytical and also good at the subject. However, as you can see from this one, it’s more about logic than it is about being mathematically intelligent.

For riddles like this, you have to take a second to imagine the situation. Think about the question long and hard and then consider the options that could possibly be the answer.

Sure, it may look like your whiling time away by staring into space, but when you engage your mind and brain like this, it’s actually a good thing. You may not realize it but these parts actually need to be exercised, just like any other body part.


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If you want to boost your intelligence, memory and to keep your mind sharp, then puzzles are a fantastic pastime.

Now, back to the riddle at hand. Have you been able to figure it out? We imagine you’re considering a few numbers in your head right now.

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Choose what you think the answer might be and let’s tell you if you’re correct.

Ready for the answer? Here it is:

So basically, if the street is lined with trees, you can assume there’s one at the beginning and at the end. And if it’s lined every 10 miles for 40 miles, then we have ten trees, five on each side.

We hope you got the answer correctly. And even if you didn’t, we bet you had fun attempting the riddle. Make sure to share it so your friends can give it a shot as well.

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