There’s Now A Razor Extension For Hard-To-Reach Areas, And Pregnant Women Everywhere Are Elated


Pregnancy can be a wonderful and exciting time. There are so many incredible and touching moments to look forward to.

However, as your bump grows and your due date draws closer, you can experience some unfortunate setbacks. Most women tend to lose some range of motion. Even the most flexible pregnant women can struggle. Thankfully, someone is looking out for pregnant ladies. There’s a new product out that’s geared to make grooming easier for pregnant women and anyone else having a hard time reaching.

The UltraFlexx Handle makes shaving a little easier. The handle acts as an extension for any disposable or refillable razor.

Simply attach the razor to the handle using a Velcro strap. The handle adds 20 inches to your razor, making it easier to navigate those hard-t0-reach places. It’s a great help for not only pregnant ladies but also anyone with an injury or other impediment to flexibility. No shower stall will be too tight to get a clean shave!

Pregnancy can be an incredible time in a woman’s life. There are so many changes that you go through, both in body and mind.

Those body changes can be hard to navigate. As your baby grows, it becomes more challenging to move around.

Any activity that involves bending can be a real challenge. Tying your own shoes and picking things up off the floor can turn from tough to impossible in a matter of weeks.

Even the most flexible pregnant woman can use some help. Luckily, a new product aims to make one below-the-belly activity a little easier.

Shaving your legs while pregnant isn’t the easiest. After a certain point, it’s pretty impossible to do anything but a half-hearted job, at best.

It’s also an awkward task to ask for help with. Some things are best done on your own.

You also need to be careful. Whether you’re having trouble shaving because of pregnancy or an injury, you don’t want to do anything to make matters worse.

Now a new product aims to eliminate those worries and give you an easy shaving experience. It’s called the UltraFlexx Shaving Handle.

The handle is pretty easy to use. It comes with a Velcro strap that lets you attach virtually any razor to it.

Once you strap in your razor, the Ultraflexx gives you added length to make it easier to reach places. It adds 20 inches of length to your arm.

It’s not just great for pregnant women. If you’ve suffered a back or hip injury, the long handle can help you continue your regular grooming habits without aggravating the injury.

It can also be a big help for generally hard-to-reach places. That means your boyfriend can shave his back without your help.

The UltraFlexx can be a super-helpful tool for a lot of situations. At just $20, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Once you’re out there without a hair in the world, you’ll be dying to tell everyone about it. It’s an effective, easy fix that, maybe just maybe, can make your pregnancy (or injury) experience a little more tolerable.

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