A 60-year-old woman got such a drastic makeover, daughter can’t even recognize her


Giving gifts during birthdays are great. It makes the person feel special, loved, and important. It also makes the day extra memorable.

For Kim, however, her 60th birthday was super special and it’s not because of any material gift. She didn’t get a new purse, dress or even a bottle of perfume. For her special day, Kim’s family got her a makeover!

A few years ago, Kim mentioned to her daughter how awesome it would be if she could get a makeover from Christopher who’s also known as the MakeOverGuy, for her 60th birthday. It was just wishful thinking back then.

Little did Kim know that the family was set to make her dream come true. Everyone, including Kim’s husband, his son Chad and wife Megan, her daughter and her husband came up with a very unique way of revealing her surprise. It was well-planned and well-executed, too.

On her 60th birthday, the family gave Kim clues on cards every half an hour. At the end of the game, it was revealed that she’ll be coming to the MakeOverGuy’s show to get a dramatic makeover. There, she got pretty excited.

Kim’s hair is naturally very nice. It was long and had beautiful waves at the end. However, despite its good condition, her hair wasn’t enough to give justice to her face and her personality.

So, Christopher opted to give her a fun, new look. Her hair was cut shorter to make it look fuller and bouncier. The MakeOverGuy also added more curls to her hair and it looks great on her.

Even Kim’s makeup was on point. With a hint of color on her lids, mascara on her lashes, and a flush of color on her cheeks, she looked way younger and obviously happier. Her new look totally matched her personality.

Her family’s reaction to her makeover was on a whole new level. You can totally see in their eyes how magical the transformation was. They were speechless that all they could do was stare and smile at Kim.

Sometimes, the best gifts in life don’t come with any monetary value. Experience and the memory it leaves behind create a deeper mark in people’s heart. And for Kim, her transformation and the effort and time her family had put into the surprise made her 60th birthday way more memorable than she had ever imagined or thought of. They went the extra mile to make her wishful thinking a reality.

Seeing how happy Kim was with her makeover is truly heartwarming.