Little twins are making each other giggle but dad loses it over baby in blue


There are some moments when we look down at our children and think that they must’ve been angels sent from Heaven to make us smile. That must’ve been exactly what Mom thought as she watched her twin babies babble back and forth – laughing hysterically and smiling from ear to ear.

Clearly, they have an unspoken connection unlike anything else on Earth!

As soon as Mom realized what was going on, she went running for her camera. Their giggle fest was a memory she’d want to look back on for years to come.
She didn’t even have to encourage them to keep going. Her son and daughter chuckled between themselves for several minutes – seemingly unaware of or unphased by Mom’s camera lens. They just wanted to keep laughing at their hilarious inside joke!

Since twins are nearly identical in every way physically, it makes sense that their thinking would be identical as well! That’s why this sweet duo is able to laugh with each other without having to say a word. While outsiders have no idea what’s so funny, they obviously get the joke.

We’re so glad Mom had her camera nearby and was able to share this adorable footage with the world!

Source: sharetap